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The tires and tracks we outfit on skid steers, forklifts and tractors keep some of Canada’s most important materials moving every day. With wide selection of trusted brands and custom retread tires, Kal Tire ensures you have the best industrial tires to perform longer on your site. With deeply stocked warehouses, several retread facilities and our own transportation network, Kal Tire also delivers best-in-industry turnarounds. 

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Tugs & Trailer with Industrial Tires

We Know Industrial, Specialty Tires & Tracks

Industrial equipment can have complex tire needs. Do you need to fend off rocks, or do your tracks face a lot of mud? Would a custom winter retread tire let the forklifts in your yard work safely year round? We know what questions to ask and what solutions to recommend to keep your equipment moving and keep your costs down.

Specialty tires for everything without a license plate and all industries, including:

  • Container Terminals & Ports
  • Construction
  • Airports
  • Materials & Industrial Handling
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Forestry
  • Agricultural
Kal Tire Team Member at an Industrial Retread Location

Industrial Retreads

Providing off-the-road and industrial retreading for nearly 50 years, our application-specific retread tires perform like new and they’re custom made right here in Canada. Kal Tire is the only provider of forklift retreads in Canada.

Aftermarket Rubber Tracks from Kal Tire

Aftermarket Rubber Tracks From Kal Tire

Kal Tire offers high quality replacement rubber tracks in Canada. Dedicated customer support and our own transportation network saves you time and money with selection and shipping.

  • Rubber construction tracks
  • Agriculture tracks
Kal Tire Industrial On-Site Forklift Service

On-Site Tire Service

With trained and certified technicians and specialized service equipment, we inspect, install, repair and retread tires to ensure the highest standards of safety, productivity and tire life.

Talk to an industrial equipment tire specialist about the many brands, sizes and applications we support.

  • Superior selection and in-stock availability

  • Retreading solutions

  • Network of stores, warehouses and retread facilities across Canada

  • Emergency service

  • Wheel, inspection, fleet and mechanical services

What Makes Kal Tire a Trusted Partner for so Many?

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