These Aren't Just Retreads. They're Kal Tire Retreads.

For more than 50 years, Kal Tire has been helping Canada’s toughest industries and biggest fleets keep equipment moving with retread tires made right here in Canada. From mining to construction to transportation and industrial applications, our retreading expertise runs deep across our network of world-class repair and retread facilities.

Our wide range of application-specific tires offer like-new performance and reliability for the conditions you face – at a fraction of the cost of new tires.

The Value of a Retread Program

A Kal Tire retread program delivers many benefits:

Up to 50% Cost Savings
Tire casings are given a second or third life, running for as nearly many kilometers or hours as a new tire, significantly driving down the total cost of your tire investment.

Performance & Reliability
An extensive range of application-specific treads that deliver performance & reliability comparable to that of a new tire.

Today’s sophisticated retreads are so reliable the largest trucking fleets, school buses and airlines rely on them every day. Our technicians inspect every tire thoroughly to ensure retreading suitability & best performance.

Recycling & Reduced Carbon Footprint

Reducing your investment in new tires reduces scrap and your carbon footprint as fewer raw materials & energy are used to give a tire another life.

Watch our video to learn more about Kal Tire’s extensive retread program capabilities.  

Kal Tire OTR Retread Plant

OTR Retreading

Whatever the tire size, whatever the injury, whatever the conditions you face, Kal Tire’s retreading and repairs can save you a lot of rubber – and uptime. Our experts are ready to help with your tire management program to ensure proactive planning from inspections to maintenance services to inventory management.

  • Kal Tire operates 2 OTR retread plants & 2 repair facilities in Canada
  • Kal Tire operates a fleet of OTR service trucks to get the tire & expertise you need on your site
  • Our highly trained technicians are committed to safety & efficiency
  • We are a team of OTR tire & service experts with global experience. Kal Tire serves more than 150 mine sites across five contents through our Mining Tire Group.
Retreads Made in Canada Decal

Retreads Made in Canada the Kal Tire Way

Kal Tire retreads are the evolution of more than 50 years of retreading innovation. Our highly skilled retread technicians and world-class facilities have been delivering premium retread tires and custom solutions that can’t be found anywhere else for the value.

  • Industry’s highest safety standards
  • Advanced retreading technology & processes built on decades of proven success
  • Highly trained & certified technicians with deep expertise & tenure (some 15+ years)

Our team members are hardworking Canadians who take great pride in their tires and their communities. Our commercial stores and our retread facilities are important employers and contributors to each of the local economies.

Carbon Savings with the Carbon Kalculator

Quantify your Carbon Savings with the Carbon Kalculator

As your tire partner, we want to help you achieve your goals for performance, total cost of ownership and ESG. That’s why we developed our proprietary Carbon Kalculator to enable you to quantify the carbon savings your organization is realizing by using Kal Tire’s commercial tire programs and retreading services. It includes data about the carbon emissions, oil, rubber, and other tire materials saved by making the best environmental tire program choice.

  • Accredited documentation of your sustainability achievements
  • Sourced data that is based on an ISO 3rd party validated Life Cycle
  • A proprietary calculator verified by SCS Global, a leader in sustainability standards
  • Savings calculations that can be used in RFPs, as well as environmental & stakeholder reports
Retreading Reduces Oil Consumption Image

The Environmental Impact

Only 26 litres of oil are used to retread a medium truck tire while 83 litres of oil are used in the manufacture of a comparable new tire. The energy saved in each tire is enough to power an average home for more than a month!

Kal Tire Truck with Retreaded Tires

On Budget & on Time Confidence

Mitigate supply challenges with Kal Tire as retreading is performed in Canada in one of our 14 retread facilities, & reliably delivered by our own transportation fleet.

Talk to one of our retreading specialists about how your company can benefit from a custom retread program with Kal Tire.