Save Fuel & Save Your Tires with An Expert Alignment

Improve tire wear, fuel savings, equipment performance and driver comfort with alignments performed by the certified technicians at Kal Tire.

Protect Your Investment with a Professional Wheel Alignment at Kal Tire

Fuel Savings 
Even a one-degree misalignment on one axle can lead to a 2% fuel loss.

Even Wear & Tire Life 
Misaligned axles can create irregular wear and reduce tire life by up to 30%.

More Uptime 
Properly aligned axles promote even tire wear, reducing premature wear and blowouts.
Ride Comfort, Handling & Safety 
Alignment improves:

  • Handling and maneuverability
  • Drifting and pulling
  • ‘Dog tracking’
  • Driver comfort, reducing fatigue
  • Ability to qualify for casing credits